Ecolotree Open House

Ecolotree Open House

November 3, 2018

What: A show and tell tour of Ecolotree’s North Liberty Headquarters followed by a field trip to Mechanicsville for a PhAGR® demonstration.

Purpose: Show operation of full-scale prototypes treating stormwater and small-town waste water. Early data shows phytoremediation efficacy for final tertiary water treatment required by IDNR.

Theme: “If you don’t like your current plan, you need a better plan”-G. Savin, 2006

If interested, please attend.
Download PDF flyer HERE


8:00 — Drinks and Donuts at Ecolotree Global Headquarters-North Liberty

8:45-9:45 — Discussion of Practical Phytoremediation Science for Eastern Iowa- Reviewing 30 Years of Projects

9:45 — Depart for Mechanicsville

10:45 — Arrive at Mechanicsville American Legion

11:00-11:45 — Tour PhAGR at Lagoons

11:45-? — Q&A