Ecolotree hybrid Poplars are available
n the quantities listed below.

Please Note: Due to economies of scale, a minimum tree order of 100 cuttings or $300 worth of poles or bare-root trees is required.

  1. Ideal: Coordinated Just-In-Time delivery and installation immediately following harvest.
  2. For Phyto sites - fresh harvest dates November 15 - March 15
  3. Bare-root Tree Options Depend on Availability. Email or call.


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Iowa Willow - Salix Iucida

"Salix lucida (shining willow, Pacific willow, or whiplash willow) is a species of willow native to northern and western North America, occurring in wetland habitats. It is a deciduous large shrub or small tree growing to 4–11 m (13–36 ft) tall. The shoots are greenish-brown to grey-brown. The leaves are narrow elliptic to lanceolate, 4–17 cm long and 1-3.5 cm broad, glossy dark green above, usually glaucous green below, hairless or thinly hairy. The flowers are yellow catkins 1–9 cm long, produced in late spring after the leaves emerge.

The subspecies are:

  • S. l. lucida - shining willow, Newfoundland west to eastern Saskatchewan, and south to Maryland and South Dakota
  • S. l. lasiandra (Benth.) E.Murray (syn. S. lasiandra Benth.) - Pacific willow, Alaska east to Northwest Territory, and south to California and New Mexico.
  • S. l. caudata (Nutt.) E.Murray - whiplash willow, interior western North America from eastern British Columbia south to eastern California and Nevada, included in S. l. lasiandra by some authors. It is closely related to Salix pentandra of Europe and Asia."
"Salix Lucida." Wikipedia. 31 Jan. 2015. Web. 25 Nov. 2015.