Test Cells

If questions exist about the efficacy of phytoremediation treatment at your site, consider a test cell.

Our phytoremediation test cells use your soil, your water, and our available trees to predict success in as little as two months.* We can conduct tests on site or remotely in research labs at our affiliate universities around the country. Information from one of our phyto test cells enables you to get the right permits and construction plans for your specific project.

Interested in a phyto test cell for your project? Contact Us.

*Please note, the length of time and the size of each trial is determined by the seasons, the risk, and the factors unique to your site.

Your Project Road Map

With more than 100 installations across the United States and Europe, we've learned a few things about what works for our clients and their consultants.  The following is a road map for a successful project.



Typically we visit the site, we sample the soil, we talk with your engineer, review existing data, review regulations, schedule, and gain any other pertinent information necessary for your project.

Trying to determine if an Ecolotree solution is right for you? Consider one of our Phyto Test Cells.



As a full-service phytoremediation and environmental consultant, Ecolotree provides its clients with professional consulting and design services.  Our design staff, which has over 40 years of combined phytoremediation experience, includes two licensed environmental engineers, a research scientist, a certified agronomist, and a graphics technician.

Examples of the types of consulting/design tasks we perform for our clients include the following:

  1. Meet with permitting agencies to present the vision.
  2. Help clients achieve regulatory approval for the proposed solutions.
  3. Analyze soils and amendments, interpret the results, and develop appropriate fertilization and amendment plans.
  4. Perform greenhouse growth experiments to evaluate site-specific phytoremediation potential and the impact of design variables.
  5. Perform hydrologic modeling to predict infiltration/leakage through prescriptive and alternative covers.
  6. Design the tree layout, planting density, maintenance plan, instrumentation plan, and irrigation system.
  7. Prepare and submit permit applications and other required reports.



Ecolotree performs turnkey installations that happen November through May.  We have the necessary trees, equipment, and staff to get the job done right the first time, without the need to hire additional subcontractors. Plus, our experienced project managers, equipment operators, and field technicians have OSHA 40 hour Hazardous Waste Site Worker (HAZMAT) certification.



Ecolotree continues to support its clients after phytoremediation installation by completing the following management and maintenance tasks:

erform regular site inspections.Perform maintenance activities, such as mowing, weed control, pruning, insect control, and fertilization.Test foliar samples for nutrient concentrations, interpret the results, and provide recommendations for future fertilization.Assist with instrumentation function and data procurement.Assist with irrigation system operation and scheduling.Map and characterize site conditions using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global Information System (GIS) technology.Train consultants and on-site staff regarding inspection and maintenance activities.Provide an operations and maintenance guide for long-term operation.Prepare regulatory-required post-installation reports.Present project results at professional conferences (if desired by the owner).



If we design, install, and maintain for two years, we guarantee 90+% tree survival.