Thank you for considering Ecolotree® for your hybrid poplar tree needs.

You've come to the right place.

Remember, when you work with Ecolotree®, you're working with the oldest and most experienced phytoremediation company in America and with that experience comes superb, time-tested hybrid Poplars.

What to expect from Ecolotree® Poplars

Proven track record

Our registered tree nursery has provided hundreds of thousands of trees to private landowners, environmental consultants, business owners, schools, and communities all across the United States.

We use what you use

We use trees that are identical to those we provide to our customers at over 40 of our phytoremediation projects across the nation. Thus, we have a vested interest in growing the absolute healthiest trees.

Competitive prices

We've priced our trees to provide a good value to our customers.

Bigger, fatter trees

Our trees are grown in rich Iowa topsoil with wider spacing than many other nurseries use, meaning that you often get a larger diameter tree from us than you might otherwise receive.

Proven varieties

We provide only proven, time-tested hybrid Poplar varieties. You can learn more about our hybrid Poplar varieties here.

Excellent technical support

Many of our customers are newcomers to planting poplar, so we make sure that they get the information they need. Our customers receive specific instructions for how to plant and care for their trees, and we are only a phone call away if they have questions.

Exceptional tree warranty

We take great care to provide healthy, viable trees to our customers, and inspect each tree before shipping. Experience has shown that survival rates are typically greater than 95% when the trees are planted into adequate soils and cared for properly. Ecolotree customers receive a limited warranty if tree replacement is needed.

Order Trees

Ordering from Ecolotree is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Contact Ecolotree by e-mail to check tree availability.
  2. Fill out and sign the attached tree order form.
  3. Mail the tree order form and a payment check to Ecolotree
    • Please indicate date you wish to receive the trees and the expected shipping date.
    • Sales tax applied where required by Tax Code.

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