Economic Solutions for Environmental Problems

Ecolotree®, Inc. focuses 100% of its efforts on the removal and containment of pollutants by the use of engineered tree systems.  We have utilized this technology, called phytoremediation, over the last 15 years at landfills and lagoons, waste water sites, and spill clean-up.

Our engineered forests, called ECaps® and EBuffers®, provide alternative solutions for site owners, consultants, and principal responsible parties (PRPs) as compared to more traditional, energy consuming, and expensive remediation options.

Our engineered forests:

  • Are permitted by regulators
  • Typically save 30-80% in costs compared to traditional technologies
  • Help to control the owner's long-term liability
  • Provide auxiliary benefits, such as aesthetic appeal and acceptance by neighbors.

Ecolotree’s innovative technologies have proven effective in providing economical and effective solutions for different environmental challenges across the country.

Landfills & Lagoons

Reduce the negative impacts of landfills and lagoons with one of our proven ECap or EBuffer systems.

WasteWater Sites

Update your expensive wastewater treatment facility with our cost-effective EBuffers.

Spill Clean-up

Have a fertilizer, petrolium, or chemical spill? Clean it up with one of our ECap or EBuffer systems.