Dr. Louis A. Licht
President & Founder

Ecolotree® was founded in 1990 by company president Dr. Louis (Lou) Licht, one of the nation’s leading experts on using plants to clean up toxins. Dr. Licht holds the original patents for the technology and methods behind the pollutant removal systems used by Ecolotree® and other phytoremediation companies. He is continually working to develop innovative plant-based technologies to provide high-quality and cost-effective alternatives to expensive mechanized systems. Dr. Licht continues to personally oversee all of Ecolotree’s projects, and is passionate about ensuring quality results.


ron Jones, mba
chief financial officer

Ron Jones has been with Ecolotree® since 2002.  He has served in many roles but primarily as Chief Financial Officer. As our CFO, Ron oversees the contracting process, reviews project proposals and financial information, and assists in some designs and installations.

Ron brings a great amount of experience to Ecolotree®. He is the current director of a NASDAQ listed company, former president of an irrigation company, and past Chairman of a community bank. Additionally, Ron brings 31 years of farming experience.


Matt wilshusen
certified agronomist

As our staff agronomist and installation manager, Matt brings over 20 years of plant growth and development experience to Ecolotree.

Matt has worked for Ecolotree since 2005 managing Ebuffer and ECap installations. He views his job a specialty farming practice to properly plant, then maintain our projects. His understanding of agronomy interactions with chemistries (herbicides, insecticides) and natural functions has been a great asset to the team. Matt's has a great passion for using natural methods like a EBuffer to improve water quality.

Matt resides in the Quad City area with his wife Jennifer and their three children.


Anne Randell
Office Manager

Anne is Ecolotree's primary office manager. She assists in the day to day functions of the company and in answering queries.